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Appraisals and Loss Consulting Services

ConnectPoint Resolution Services

ConnectPoint Resolution Systems offers appraisal and loss consulting services to insurance companies throughout the United States.

Our clients use our services to assist them with settling insurance claim disputes arising from damage to buildings or personal property.

At ConnectPoint, our appraisers and loss consultants have years of experience assessing and appraising insurance claims.

Our clients choose ConnectPoint's appraisal service because of its extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the property claims management process.

The appraiser uses a combination of supporting evidence, cost databases and building codes that are localized to the area. They will use the assistance of other experts such as engineers, contractors and their experience and knowledge of insurance policies and claims processes to competently provide an accurate value of your loss.

Our Professional appraisal service provides:

  • Professionial Service

    Professional appraisers with extensive adjusting backgrounds who are proficient with all leading insurance estimating platforms.

    Wide Ranging Experience

    Appraisers with a wide-range of experience in all types of residential and commercial property, contents, additional living expenses, business personal property and business interruption.

    Construction Qualification

    Extensive experience with construction renovation, building materials and the insurance appraisal process qualifies us to act on your behalf.

    Independent Professionals

    A professional appproach to the appraisal process which allows us to remain an independent and unbiased party.

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