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ConnectPoint Resolution System

Appraisal Services - Independent Insurance Appraisers, Umpires and Loss Consultants

We are a nationwide group of professional, qualified and licensed claims specialists providing our Insurance partners with services to resolve claim disputes in accordance with policy provisions. Since 2004, we have successfully handled and settled thousands of complex assignments for Insurance Companies.

Our clients choose ConnectPoint Appraisal Services group because of its deep experience and expertise in all aspects of the Property Claims Management, Field Adjusting and the Appraisal process. For years, our professional appraisal staff has provided the insurance industry with accurate content and structural appraised assessments as well as estimated values to aid in the resolution of property claims disputes.

Because of our knowledge of the claim process, we keep the dispute examiner completely up to date as to our investigation and developments with the file until final resolution. Our detailed reports fully document our findings and include detailed line item estimates, photos and recommendations of the disputed damages.

Insurance Company’s Claim, Dispute/Appraisal and Legal Departments have come to depend on ConnectPoint to assist them in identifying areas of dispute, provide research and documented RCV and AVC prices to help resolve disputed damages.